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Co-Parenting &

Co-Parenting Seminars      

3 groups consisting of putting co-parenting plans in place to help start a positive co-parent relationship.  Co-parents are not allowed to attend together. Groups are informative & educational and are as follows


1) Communication strategies

2) Different house, different rules/parenting styles

3) Working together throughout the year(s).


And although, I do follow a curriculum, I encourage discussion from the group.

A certification will be given upon completion of the 3 sessions.

Co-Parent Mediation/Consulting

Divorce/separation is difficult for children and adults. I meet with the co-parents separately to get an idea for individual goals.  The goal of co-parenting is to keep you out of litigation, trials, and reduce lawyer fees. Teaching co-parents how to communicate productively,  to be flexible,  and to put emotions aside to have a lifelong co-parenting relationship not a contentious one.  


Meeting as a group to discuss specific situations is determined case by case. 

I collaborate with attorneys (on both sides) and Guardian Ad Litem's (GAL) if needed.  My goal for co-parenting is to keep couples out of court.  It is in my experience that co-parents thrive when there is no litigation pending and both parents are able to feel heard.  


I provide an honest space to work through issues using me as the mediator.  I have a direct style and I am honest with all parties to help get in a better place for their families.   

Please feel free to call or email for availability and pricing. 

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