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Children and Adolescence 

Children of all ages have been undoubtedly affected by the pandemic. From the masks to distance learning.  I provide a mask free space, in-person family systems approach to help children utilize healthy coping skills and navigate through this time.

I assist parents with parental strategies and ways to better help their child's educational path.

I am able to diagnose for possible learning disabilities as well as mental health concerns that may need to be put on a 504 or an IEP.  


This age is one of the hardest to navigate for the child and parents.  This is a time of finding an identity within the family and outside of the family unit.  This can be hard for children struggling to find their own identity and not follow the crowd.  I try to help empower adolescence to be comfortable within their own skin and be their own person.  


PIease note, I will only see children under 18 in person.

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