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  Leah Houston    

  As a dedicated mental health counselor, I have fifteen years of experience in counseling. My mission is to help individuals recognize their positive attributes and work towards improved mental health, communication, and healing. 

I specialize in providing support for those facing a range of challenges.  Areas of focus are individual therapy, family therapy, couples and marriage therapy, reunification therapy, coparent therapy, and children/adolescent therapy.

I am very passionate about empowering my clients to tap into their internal, natural, emotional, and community resources to foster self-understanding. My ultimate goal is to facilitate positive
changes in their lives either as an individual or a family unit.

I am accepting new clients- feel free to call or email me.

• Reunification Therapy
I offer a systemic approach, addressing family dynamics and working towards rebuilding relationships. After assessing the situation, I may use a combination of family system therapies, communication skills trainings, and individual counseling to support the reunification process. I understand this process can be challenging for families due to issues with trust, communication breakdowns, unresolved conflicts, and emotional wounds. The reason for separation, such as legal or safety concern, can add complexity, making it crucial for therapy to address these underlying issues to facilitate a successful
reunification. I will work collaboratively with attorneys and Guardian Ad Litem's
(GAL) if they are in place. My office, offers a play space for children with an array of activities as well as another room, large enough for group sessions. In the event a court ordered supervisor is required or asked to attend. Due to the complexity of these cases, I will ONLY see clients in person. This is a serious issue that needs to be handled swiftly but delicately.
Children with siblings are NOT allowed to come in together. I treat every child individually to help the child form his/her own thoughts without interference of a sibling’s opinions. I need to see the child's
individual reactions to being with the parent alone to treat and diagnose effectively.
Please feel free to call or email for availability and pricing.

• Coparenting

Divorce/separation is difficult for children and adults. I meet with the co-parents separately to get an idea for individual goals. The goal of co-parenting is to keep you out of litigation, trials, and reduce lawyer fees. Teaching co-parents how to communicate productively, to be flexible, and to put emotions aside to have a lifelong co-parenting relationship not a contentious one. This process can involve fostering effective communication, conflict resolution, and collaboration between parents. Establishing and setting
clear boundaries and expectations, focusing on the child’s well-being, and learning co-parenting skills are a crucial part of this process as well. Techniques may vary based on the situation, which may include family systems therapy, mediation, and psychoeducation to address issues and improve the co-parent relationship. Consistency, empathy, and a commitment for the child’s best interests are essential for successful co-parenting therapy. Meeting as a group to discuss specific situations is determined case by case. I collaborate with attorneys (on both sides) and Guardian Ad Litem's (GAL) if needed. My goal for co-parenting is to keep couples out of court. It is in my experience that co-parents thrive when there is no
litigation pending and both parents are able to feel heard. I provide an honest space to work through issues using me as the mediator. I have a direct style and I am honest with all parties to help
get in a better place for their families.
Please feel free to call or email for availability and pricing.

• Individual Therapy
The approach for individual therapy may vary based on the
person’s needs, but I tend to gravitate towards a client-centered
approach, emphasizing empathy, effectiveness, active listening,
and collaboration to explore and address personal concerns.


• Family Therapy
Family therapy often benefits from a systemic approach, focusing on relationships and communication patterns within the family. I use techniques like structural and strategic interventions that can help
address underlying dynamics and promote positive change and growth in a safe environment for each individual family member.

• Couples and Marriage therapy
Similar to Family therapy, I like to use an evidenced-based approach like Emotionally Focused Therapy. I have found it to be the most effective when working with couples. This approach focuses on emotional connection, communication patterns, and helping partners understand and meet each other’s needs.
During couples counseling, I provide a safe space for couples to be open and honest. The initial sessions I ask each partner to meet individually with me to go over specific concerns they may not yet feel
comfortable discussing with their partner during session. It is my goal as the facilitator to aide in a productive session.


• Children/Adolescents

Using a holistic approach involving play therapy, expressive arts, emotional focused therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques can be effective in the treatment process. I tailor my
methods to the child’s age, needs, and communication style which is crucial. I will also collaborate with parents and caregivers as this can be an integral part of the key for ongoing support. I am also able
to diagnose for possible learning disabilities as well as mental health concerns that may need to be put on a 504 or an IEP.

I use a combination of talk therapy, creative expression, and age-appropriate activities to assist in the therapeutic process. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can also help with thought patterns, while

Incorporating art, music, or journaling which can provide alternative avenues for self-expression. Building a trusting relationship with the “tween/teen” and involving parents or guardians in the process when its
necessary can enhance the therapeutic impact.


I have my Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Rhode Island, Master’s degree from Salve Regina University in Rehabilitation Counseling, Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies(C.A.G.S.) from Salve Regina University and a license in the State of Rhode Island to practice mental health LMHC.

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