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Using a holistic approach involving play therapy, expressive arts, emotional focused therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques can be effective in the treatment process. I tailor my methods to the child’s age, needs, and communication style which is crucial. I will also collaborate with parents and caregivers as this can be an integral part of the key for ongoing support. I am also able
to diagnose for possible learning disabilities as well as mental health concerns that may need to be put on a 504 or an IEP.


I use a combination of talk therapy, creative expression, and age-appropriate activities to assist in the therapeutic process. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can also help with thought patterns, while Incorporating art, music, or journaling which can provide alternative avenues for self-expression. Building a trusting relationship with the “tween/teen” and involving parents or guardians in the process when its
necessary can enhance the therapeutic impact.

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