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Parental Alienation and/or
Reunification Therapy
Report Writing


Parental Alienation is a serious concern, as it is tough to distinguish and a difficult topic to discuss.  This is a complex issue with complex solutions and diagnoses.  I work with both parents and the child to help discover if alienation is occurring.  I reference Dr. Amy Baker's, 8 behavioral manifestations as a nationally recognized reference to discover if parental alienation is occurring.


I work collaboratively with attorneys and Guardian Ad Litem's (GAL) if they are in place.  


My office, offers a play space for children with an array of activities as well as another room, large enough for group sessions.  In the event a court ordered supervisor is required or asked to attend.


Due to the complexity of these cases, I will ONLY see clients in person. This is a serious issue that needs to be handled swiftly but delicately.

In cases that parental alienation, no matter to what degree, is occurring reunification therapy is a must to help establish a relationship between children and both parents. 

Parental alienation is misunderstood and mistreated in therapy and during supervised visitation. I am here to navigate children's perception about their parents.  I see if the child's narrative about their parent is their own or a false narrative put in place by the the other parent. 


I believe children should form their own opinions on how they perceive their parents are, with little interference by the other parent (and other family members).  Children need to form their own relationships,  to help them feel and understand their thoughts are their own and no one else's.  


Children who form their own views on family relationships in their lives form better and more long lasting relationships in the future.  Children who form relationships on their parents with little to no interference tend to have no resentment on either parent during their adult lives.  This then facilitates long lasting family relationships instead of alienation in adulthood by their own choosing. 

Children with siblings are NOT allowed to come in together.  I treat every child individually to help the child form his/her own thoughts without interference of a siblings opinions.  I need to see the child's individual reactions to being with the parent alone to treat and diagnose effectively.  

Report writing for parental alienation

Our office provides report writing to provide the client or courts,  edivence based on scientific studies that the child(ren) or parent is participating in alienation or has been alienated.  


Our office asks for facts provided by the client or lawyer working on this case.This provides the context for the report.  This is an unbiased evidence based report to prove or disprove alienation could be happening or is not happening.  


Please do not hesitate to call for more information. 

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